Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ode to Ms. Agnes

Oh, Ms. Agnes, you will be missed. You faithfully cared for our babies and loved each one as much as the next. You spoke to them as if they could speak back to you and we all know they wanted to. You cared for them in so many ways including washing their little hands after changing their diapers:) They know that you love them and they hope that you will come back to visit. Don't think that the mommies of those babies will not miss you. Because they love you with a fierce love. There aren't too many people that mommies will happily allow to care for their babies. But they left their tiny people with you along with loads of trust. And I will miss you too. Your hugs and sweet spirit always cheered me up if I was feeling down. Everyone at Parkway loves you and we hope you will come back to check on us and our babies sometime, ok? promise?

Take 1: "Everybody Look!" Carlton wants to show off and stand up, Nate eyes something good on the floor, and Micah looks at me.

Take 2: Mrs. Brandy dances to get them to look. Notice Nate's expression = mesmerized

Take 3: ALMOST perfect. Except Micah happens to be hungry at the moment and is staring at his food.

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