Saturday, October 17, 2009

the best part of my week

I arrived home late on Wednesday night, tired and exhausted as usual. On my way into our complex, I stopped to check our mail and found two of the cutest pieces of mail I have EVER received. They totally made my week and reminded me why I love my job.

Carlton is a very special baby:) Because I love him so much, I gave him a birthday present and this is what I got in return:

James had surgery recently and I visited him at the hospital. If you don't know James, you should because he is one of the cutest and smartest 2 year olds I've ever met (he knew his ABCs at 18 months).
One of my favorite things to learn about a child is what he or she loves the most about life. For James, that's trains and specifically Thomas the Tank Engine. So when I visited James in the hospital I took him the biggest Thomas balloon that I could find!

And he sent me this:

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