Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We come to church with our families.

Last Wednesday, the 27th, we learned about families that come to church to learn English. We have an ESL program at Parkway and we talked about how many churches provide these classes to help people learn English that can't speak it very well. Last week's story was told through the eyes of the child in a family who goes to church to learn English. We drew pictures of our families because we come to church with our families just like the little girl in the story goes to church with her family.

Tyler Grace and her family. We think there's an extra person in there...

Truman and his family. He only drew 3 people at first-those 3 in the center that look the same. Not sure why, but after we asked him about everyone else he added the other 2 over on the side.

Harris and his family. He spent as much time drawing those boots as the other kids spent on their entire pictures. After finishing the boots, he was tired and asked me to help him finish. Harris told me to make his dad's pants khaki and we decided that yellow was the closest available crayon color to khaki. The yellow crayon I picked up happened to have glitter in it so Harris says his dad is wearing "circus pants."

And they needed me to draw my family, too. John, me and Piper.

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