Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Day at Parkway by Maddie Akin

We have a wonderful Children's Minister, Mrs. Rebecca. We have fun activities throughout the year. On Sundays we have a children's sermon with Mrs. Rebecca. We talk about how God loves us, how Jesus died for our sins, and much more! We have two Sunday School teachers, Mrs. Paula and Mr. Bob. They teach us crafts and we learn about God.

Children in grades K-5 can present the Bible to Dr. King, our pastor. In the middle of the adult sermon, children in Kindergarten thru 1st Grade can go upstairs and learn some more about God.

We have a wonderful music teacher, Mrs. Susan. She teaches us songs about God on Wednesday. This is optional for all ages. We have different musicals to participate in. We are working now on Heroes of the Faith, a wonderful fun-filled musical. On Wednesday we have dinner served for families. After dinner and music we have missions to teach us about missionaries around the world that are sharing God's love with others.

Be sure to check out Parkway!

Parkway Baptist Church
State Bridge Road
Duluth, GA

For nothing shall be impossible with God. Luke 1:37

If you are interested in being a Guest Author, please post a comment or talk to Mrs. Rebecca!!

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