Monday, August 23, 2010

VBS 2010 - June 7-10

A great time was had by all while we explored the mighty love of God on our High Seas Expedition. With 125 children and 38 volunteers, we celebrated our largest VBS to date (at least since I've been at Parkway). It was a fun week of experiencing God through Bible stories, games, theme dress, crafts, and songs...

During Wonderful Wednesday, the Parkway Kids helped decorate!

Barron was very proud of his shark eating the fish. What a creative idea!

Mrs. Brandy made this ship!

Day 1 theme: God's Word is true.
Bible Story: God frees Peter from prison. Acts 12:1-19.
Beach Day!
Nancy, Alexis, and Leah's class

4th and 5th graders in our opening ceremony

Day 2 theme: God's word is comforting.
Bible story: God comforts Paul in a storm at sea. Acts 27.
Pirates and Sailors Day!

Cutie Pie-rate Carlton

Sailor Ayano

Everyone loves snack time

Marina's Dolphins

The Mitchell kids...James had a hat and eye patch earlier in the day...

Mrs. Jodie leading a preschool music session



Morgan and Harris


Katherine and Lauryn

Kaelie in crafts

Caleb, Barron, and Johnny in music


Emma Grace, Maddie, and Marie

Jessica and Kaelie

Carlton snuck in the boat while Mrs. Brandy's class was away!

Elementary Crafts with Mrs. Amy

Some of Scully's Ship Mice


Wink's Monkeys in Preschool Crafts

Mrs. Jan taught Carlton and Ayano to play "Ring Around the Roses" (I'll post a video soon!)

Rec with Ryan (our Youth Minister) and the Parkway Youth

Crazy pic!

We LOVE Mr. Bobby and Mrs. Pat - our 4th and 5th grade guides. Each year they help the 4th and 5th graders memorize all the books of the Bible!

Day 3 theme: God's word is surprising.
Bible Story: Paul survives a bite by a poisonous snake. Acts 28:1-10
Crazy Hair Day!

Kaelie's Crazy hair!

Everyone arriving on crazy hair day

Savannah and Kelly win the prize for craziest hair!

Salty's Sea Gulls hear the Bible Story

Elementary music with Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Paula


Snack with the WONDERFUL Patsy and Margaret!

This picture is classic.

Brendan and mom

Thomas brothers



Preschool Crafts

Mr. Bob tells the Bible lesson

Mrs. Jodie and Allie - Preschool Music Leaders

Bubbles and playground time for Marina's Dolphins


Scully's Ship Mice

Day 4 theme: God's word is for everyone.
Bible Story: The community of believers share. Acts 2:42-47
High Seas Expedition tshirt day!

Day 4 pics still to come!

Don't be sad! You can come back next year!

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