Tuesday, September 7, 2010

VBS Day 4 Pics

June 10
Day 4 theme: God's Word is for everyone.
Bible Story: The community of believers share. Acts 2:42-47
High Seas Expedition tshirt day!

1st Graders practice for the closing celebration

Preschoolers on the playground...
the shipwreck!

Miss Megan and her awesome themed fishnets and leggings

Rec with Ryan and the Youth

The babies LOVED the blow up animals that decorated the sanctuary

So we took it back to their room while the big kids rehearsed

Carlton gives the turtle kisses...

Wink's Monkeys

4th and 5th Graders pause for a pic before hearing the Bible Story

Mr. Bob's Treasure Chest

4th and 5th Graders in crafts

Johnny's picture frame

Marina's Dolphins practice for the closing celebration

Preschool Crafts

1st Graders in Crafts

Closing Celebration
Before the kids took the stage, we announced the missions offering. Every year the boys and girls compete to raise money (what's wrong with a little healthy competition? especially if it's for missions, right?) This year the girls won, so Ryan agreed to take a pie in the face & Lauryn did the honors...

Then Austin snuck up out of nowhere and got me too!

gross, all in the hair...

To close our week, all 125 children sang for us. I'm determined to get a video of this next year!

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