Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Showing Love - A Children's Sermon for Valentine's Day

Work gloves
Greeting card
 Since Valentine's Day was during the upcoming week, I decided to do the children's sermon on LOVE.

One volunteer held each item and we talked about what each thing made them think of doing and then ways that went along with that item that they could show love to someone else.

 Work gloves: working in the garden with grandma. dad working in the yard.
Ways to show love: helping mom or dad in the yard. helping a neighbor shovel snow.

 Greeting card: made them think of birthdays and holidays.
Ways to show love: send someone a note or a card to tell them that you care and are thinking about them. valentine's cards. Tell someone that you are glad to see them or that you like their smile.

 Game: playing games with friends and family.
Ways to show love: spending time with people. playing games, helping mom with dinner, help parents clean.

 Then I had two children stand up together with nothing in their hands and hug. You can show love by hugging a friend or family member.

 Next, they all stood by the way that they liked to be shown love the most. I told them to think about the ways that they can show love to the people in their lives this week. It could be in a way that they like to be shown love or a way that they know that other person likes to be shown love. God wants us to show love to others and there are many ways to do that. Be creative and come up with more!

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